World Tree Photography started because Rita (the first half of this operation) believes she has a medical condition that makes it impossible for her to stay put in one place for more than a few months at a time, despite doctors assurances to the contrary. Together, she and Andrew (the second half of this operation) ambled from place to place and took many, many lovely pictures. One day, amidst all of their traveling, Andrew had an idea. Maybe people besides themselves and their friends would want prints of their photos. Thus began World Tree Photography, a company dedicated to capturing and sharing all the odd and beautiful sights the world has to offer.

True, there are a lot of travel photographers out there already, but we think of ourselves not so much as photographers who travel but as travelers who happen to take photographs. The difference, we think, is in where we go and what we notice. Venice, Paris, London — those are places travel photographers go to get timeless shots of canals, towers and guards in fuzzy hats. We've been to those places and loved them, but the world is a very big place with very wonderful little secrets. We find kittens in a garden or a face carved into a tree trunk and we feel we've discovered beautiful art. We hope you'll see the art in them, too.

Our journey together began two years ago, though we had been journeying individually for most of our lives. We think that in an ideal world, journeys should not be defined by time tables and tour guides but should grow organically from the meeting between person and place. The phrase “to err is human” comes from the Latin “errare humanum est.” A lesser known fact is that the word errare in Latin also means “to wander.” We'd like to think that means that to wander is also human. In our journeys, some of our best moments have resulted from straying off the proper path. Perhaps that's what distinguishes a journey from a trip.

World Tree Photography
Ann Arbor, MI

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